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Who We Are & What We Do

We are a team of North Haven residents looking to make North Haven, CT an even better place to live.  It is critically important to us that everyone feels safe, affirmed, and like they belong here!


North Haven Pride works to ensure that every day our town takes steps toward a future where LGBTQ+ people feel safe, affirmed, empowered, and know we belong here. We do this through joyful Pride celebrations, education, advocacy, and community building. 

teens having fun at Pride
women getting married


For the past 15 months we have worked to establish annual Pride celebrations with the full support of town leadership.  This includes the raising of a Pride flag for the month of June, an educational speaker series, youth advisory board, and advocacy alerts. At the end of 2024, North Haven Pride will have firmly established itself as a trusted resource to the LGBTQ+ community, in town and far beyond, and become a part of the fabric of what it means to live in North Haven.


In 5 years, North Haven will be a better place to live because of North Haven Pride. Bullying will be immediately called out and effectively addressed in our schools and community. LGBTQ+ people will know they belong in this town.  A culture of education, community building, and advocacy will replace pockets of fear, ignorance, and intolerance. NHP’s leadership team will reflect the diversity of experience and perspective represented in our LGBTQ+ community. Our youth development work will continue to collaborate with established organizations like Q Plus as the towns represented by our youth participants continue to expand. NHP’s work with North Haven’s senior leaders and our local and state policy makers will have advanced beyond support to true partnership and vibrant, measurable advocacy.








Meet our executive board
Jamie Krzmarzick, co-chair of North Haven Pride
Brandi Mandato, Co-Chair of Pride
Tim Gabriele, Vice Chair of North Haven Pride
Amanda Gabriele, Secretary of North Haven Pride
Scott Friedman, Treasurer of North Haven Pride
Lauren Tagliatella, Development Chair of Pride.
Melanie Bernier, Entertainment Chair of North Haven Pride
Meet our Marketing and Communications Team
Ash - Social Media
Logan - Social Media
Meet our PRIDE365 Volunteers
Genevieve Cabrera, Event Manager
Raven Chaplin - Volunteer Lead
Clint Walker, Volunteer
Lisa McCann, Volunteer
Sarah, Volunteer
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