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Pride in the News

-North Haven Citizen  (6/23/23)

"The group North Haven Pride worked with local officials to plan the event. "We are so humble in the face of what you all brought to the green this past Saturday," North Haven Pride shared in a social media post."

drone photo of the north haven green during pride

-Aaron Rubin, The Courier (6/13/23)

The Town of North Haven is currently celebrating June as Pride Month. To show their support, the rainbow flag, along with the American Flag, was raised underneath a bright cloudless Friday sky at the North Haven Memorial Library on June 1. Present at the flag raising was North Haven Pride (NHP), Girl Scout Troop 60387, students from the middle school and high school, and others from the community, all to express their support for the LGBTQ+ community in North Haven. Among them was North Haven Middle School (NHMS) student Alice Gabriele, who was very happy to see the flag raised as a symbol of support for members of the LGBTQ+ community.

girl with rainbow braids in her hair

-The Quad Town Advisor (6/6/23)

North Haven is proud to announce its first annual Pride celebration will take place on June 17th, 2023. 

person having fun at pride holding a North haven pride tshirt

-Aaron Rubin, The Courier (6/3/23)

The LGBTQ+ community of North Haven will be seen and celebrated with the inaugural North Haven Pride (NHP) event hosted by the group of the same name on Saturday, June 17 on the North Haven Town Green.

This will be the first Pride event held in North Haven and will signal powerfully to LGBTQ+ youth in town that where they live is an inclusive environment where they are visible and understood for who they are. That is the message for them and every single person in North Haven, regardless of who they are, said Jamie Krzmarzick of NHP.

the north haven pride committee posing on the town green during the event

*not actually a parade

-Jessica Reyes, WTNH  (5/29/23)

NORTH HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — When Lauren Tagliatela came out to her parents at age 16, the world was a much different place. Growing up in Wallingford, she said her town did not have any pride celebrations while she growing up.

“If we had the rainbow sidewalks I’m seeing now and the pride celebrations, I feel like my life would have gone a lot differently,” Tagliatela said.  

north haven pride lawn sign

-The North Haven Citizen (5/24/23)

"The LGBTQIA+ Community in North Haven are our friends, neighbors, co-workers and loved ones, and a key ingredient in what makes our town the very best in Connecticut," North Haven Pride stated. "This family-friendly and dog-friendly event will feature music, entertainment, food, vendors, healthcare resources, and a flag-raising ceremony overseen by First Selectman Mike Freda."

north haven pride logo

-Kathryn Hauser, WTNH (6/17/23)

NORTH HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — North Haven held its first Pride celebration on the town green on Saturday.

Organizers tell News 8 the North Haven Pride parade and festival is the culmination of about four months worth of meetings with residents and members of the town’s Pride committee.

They say this festival is a demonstration and celebration of love, joy and community.

North Haven Pride Logo on the sidewalk in chalk

-Julia LeBlanc, Fox61 (6/15/23)

NORTH HAVEN — Over the past few days, First Selectman Mike Freda said, he  received hundreds of calls, emails and messages about the town’s decision to host Pride Month events.

man standing next to pride billboard

-Jane Latus, CT Voice Magazine (June 2023)

Brandi Mandato, co-chair of North Haven Pride says that the town has embraced their event wholeheartedly, and they have had the support of First Selectman Mike Freda, who has stated that this year’s celebration will be the first of what will become an annual event. Mandato says that people in the community wanted to make sure that North Haven celebrates and welcomes diversity.

teens having fun at pride

-Meghan Friedman, The New Haven Register (6/1/23)

NORTH HAVEN — Over the past few days, First Selectman Mike Freda said, he  received hundreds of calls, emails and messages about the town’s decision to host Pride Month events.

children celebrating pride

-Meghan Friedmann, The New Haven Register (5/26/23)

NORTH HAVEN — If Lauren Tagliatela’s hometown had hosted a Pride celebration when she was growing up, it could have been life changing.

pride volunteers outside town hall with First Selectman Mike Freda
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